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So how does this compare to 1800 hrs of nearly full load running over a 8 year period? When ya get to them hrs @ nearly full load lemme know, this brethren is lookin for something proven and dependable. I don't think there is any gasoline generator out there that surpasses the prover performance of the Onans. I got a husky 2250 which is made with the same overseas mentality yours is, and have had great success with it early, after 2 years, nothing but problems, maintainance and repairs. I would honestly love to be corrected on my $.02
If your gonna buy something, buy it for a lifetime, not just a few years. It always catches up to you
Congratulations. You have a generator that meets your needs. I have one that meets mine. I don't need a unit to run 200+ hours per year under continuous load. I need one to run 40-50 hours per year building fence, repairing outbuildings, building deer stands on site, providing very occasional emergency backup, and providing some lighting a couple of times a year. If mine will operate four or five years under those conditions, I will have gotten my money's worth.

It seems that on these types of discussion, Black Max is always scorned as being nearly worthless. I have never been able to understand that. After all, the power unit is genuine Honda. Not a "Chonda" or other Chinese clone.

If I needed a set to run under your conditions, I would probably go with a small diesel. If I needed a stationary genset, I would buy a PTO unit and power it with my 55hp JohnDeere diesel tractor. You know, for a lifetime.
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