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Originally Posted by rcbaughn View Post
I've always had gyros made from ground loafs that spin on a hot vertical rotisserie. I didn't know that whole meat cuts would be considered a gyro at all. All those spices mixed into the lamb loaf is what makes it a gyro to me, and it all holds together just as if it is one piece of meat and not ground.

By the way, are french fries REALLY a traditional addition to a gyro? I've never ever ever seen them used as a filling or topping. Always served on the side if they come with the order. Seems strange to me that it's a "traditional" topping in Greece. Seems like an American hamburger throwback if anything.

Traditional...well...I'm not sure if I would go that far but there are many places in Greece that do put fries in a gyro or souvlaki.
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