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Nothing wrong with something with a high build quality to be expensive. Most people on most forums think that a BGE is too expensive. The KK is not for them. Sorry Eggers but a BGE is an expensive glazed ceramic pot with bottom of the barrel components. The dealer you bought it from does very well. There is no value there, you are buying the name BGE. All hype. That being said it's not even insulated. Touch it at 400º and tell me about it. The KK you can touch easily at 700º and not blister your self. It's all about the airflow, common sense would dictate if you can burn less fuel to maintain your cooking temp, you will have lees airflow which means less evaporation (more retained moisture) and more time for the smoke/vapor to condense on your meat. If self opening and lots of big beefy 3/8" SS grids are not for you. Fine but don't knock it just because it's expensive or you can't afford it. I doubt there are many guys driving $100,000 cars here.. The KK is a great only for those who can afford a $4,000 to $6,000 toy, most of us can't. Kingsford Charcoal bought 20 of them for their Board of directors, plant managers and facebook give aways. The world's largest producer of charcoal's R&D team who can buy anything they want buys them it's saying something. Kingsford site says that it "represents the pinnacle of what's possible in a charcoal BBQ" nuff said!

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