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Originally Posted by brandonh1987 View Post
Anybody tried just salt and pepper for a pulled pork rub? I always heard not to use salt in long smokes and it sweats the flavor out? If not would you guys add anything to a basic salt n pepper rub? Some cayenne? Any advice would be appreciated.
Basic Salt and pepper is great by itself, and they are also ingredients in most rubs.

Add spices to your liking, you can add the rub to a small piece of meat and fry or quickly grill to get a taste preview..

Popdaddy’s ButtGlitter (De-ciphered)

8 Parts Paprika
3 Parts Salt
3 Parts Sugar
2 Parts Cumin
2 Parts Garlic Powder
2 Parts Onion Powder
2 Parts Ground Celery Seed
1 Part Chili Powder
1 Part Oregamo
1 Part Black Pepper
½ part each of Mustard - Red Pepper or Cayenne
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