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Originally Posted by redlevel42 View Post
I have a Black Max with about 70 hours on it. No problems. Noise isn't a factor. I believe it says it is rated at 8500 starting, either 6500 0r 7000 continuous. Genuine Honda engine. When I bought it, it cost $999 plus tax. I have used it on the farm, running table saws, a 12" planer, sawzall, skill saw, etc. Never bogs down, starts right up either with rope or starter. It is relatively noisy. For those who say you get what you pay for, I'm not willing to pay an extra $3K for noise reduction. As for longevity, I can buy an extra one for reserve and still have less than half what an equivalent size Honda brand costs. The only thing I could not speak to is extended running time under load. The 70 or so hours on mine has probably been done with just short bursts of loaded running.
So how does this compare to 1800 hrs of nearly full load running over a 8 year period? When ya get to them hrs @ nearly full load lemme know, this brethren is lookin for something proven and dependable. I don't think there is any gasoline generator out there that surpasses the prover performance of the Onans. I got a husky 2250 which is made with the same overseas mentality yours is, and have had great success with it early, after 2 years, nothing but problems, maintainance and repairs. I would honestly love to be corrected on my $.02
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