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Default Discuss Pizza Dough

We live in the country. We cannot get a pizza delivered here no matter how hard you try.
We drove 7 miles one way tonite for a pizza. 2 weeks ago the store owners daughter did an awesome job on the pie including double the sauce and cheese.
Tonite we got double screwed on our order.
Long story short we are done with take out pizza.
Problem here is finding the best take out pizza crust recipe.
We cannot buy commercial made pizza dough here as you can in the bigger cities.
I tired Alton Brown's recipe and that stuff is almost impossible to roll out. Almost like a rubber band. I am looking for something that is half way user friendly.
I will be using Phil Rizzardi's sauce that he taught me to make at the A. Royal 2 years ago.
He should open his own chain of pizza shops. The rest would go broke in no time flat!


Thanks in advance on your advice.
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