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Originally Posted by Bludawg View Post
Don't let the Select Grade scare you off! Some of the best briskets I ever cooked where Select. I think you just got a stubborn one. I got to ask was the pit temp 300 or the grate temp 300 it makes a huge difference. I only go off the grate temp that's where the cooking is happening. It looks as though your efforts reaped a nice reward. 11 hrs for a 17 lb packer, that is about 40-45 min a lb still not bad sure beats 18 or 26 hrs at lower temps. I just noticed you started that off in a pan that could have contributed to the time increase as it will shield the meat from the heat taking longer to increase the temp. I toss it on the grate and wrap it a 4 hrs in a single layer of BP temp??? your guess is as good as mine
Hey bludawg, the 300 degrees was right at the grate measured with my et-732. I did use a pan, so that may have added a bit to the time as well.
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