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What a nice bunch of folks here chock full of great suggestions! As reading the responses I have reconsidered the paint and am not going to do it till I really need to. I am very capable of screwing up the paint and peeling would really depress me. I will go with coating everything inside and out with canola oil, burn her in and relax about it. I might use Crisco on the exterior as it is suspect might be more durable. Problem living here on the Gulf Coast is that most of the time we have a nice sea breeze that corrodes everything in its path. I will keep this baby covered and will try to make room downstairs to store it inside.

I couldn't believe the shelf is slightly tilted, never noticed itL It actually is only off only about 1 degree according to my angle cube. Not really enough to cause a problem so I am not going to worry about it. That shelf folds down and is held up by a single rod, amazingly sturdy.

I will wait till a while to think about shortening the legs for the casters. Looks like a great suggestion but I am not ready to cut on this one yet.

The cover is heavy but not that bad for an adult. If I had small children around I would counterweight the cover.

Thanks everybody!!
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