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Originally Posted by bproffer View Post
Sure are alot of twisted panties in this thread. I say if he likes the KK, so be it. You can produce good 'q on a UDS or a WSM, but should we belittle thosepeople who own multi-thousand dollar rigs? Live and let live.

And no disrespect to Silverfinger, but I read that post as he is going to Bali on vacation, and while he is there, was going to see where the kamados, a cooker he obviously really wants, were made. If I was going to be in Houston, I'd love to ge tour the Klose shop and see how they were made and talk to david about smoker design etc... I think we are over-speculating here.
Is 23 or 32 a size of the smoker or is it a number of smokers that he is going to purchase while he is there to resale here in the States?

If its the size we are talking about then I apologies for my statement. If it's the amount of smokers he's going to buy and resell them here then I feel what I posted was correct.

Either way, Im not A MOD here at the BBQ Brethren web sight, so I might have overstepped my bounds.
For that, I do apologies for!!!
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