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Watch craigslist and the local "shopper" type papers. I was looking for a smaller light unit for my camper and found a honda eu6500 with electric start and under 300 hours and bought it for $600. It looked like new and fired right up. It was the victim of a divorce , losing the house etc. It wasn't what I wanted for my trailer but it was perfect for a back up at the house. Living on the coast in Florida warrants having one sitting in the garage. I then took my 2 smaller units that I had for the house and put them on craigslist, sold them both and bought a new Boliy, which is a yamaha copy that weighs less than 70 pounds and runs a 15k rv ac with no issues for my trailer.

When I was done I had better units for both uses than I had planned on for less money than a 2000 watt honda. The Boliy is an inverter as well and very quite.
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