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Originally Posted by AustinKnight View Post
Looks good for your first HnF go around brotha, I usually stick with 10-14# briskets they seem to yield a tenderer brisket then the big 17-20# ders. The 10-14#ders after trimming you lose about 2#ds so they cook even quicker, I did do a 17# CAB Prime awhile back and it took 8h at 300-350* and was tender but I also thought it was kinda dry kinda like what your saying. I'd rather cook two 10# briskets then one big brisket but I'm sure others feel the same. Try a smaller one like a 12# the same way and see if you get what your looking for, happy smoking brotha

Also I check for softness and flexibility still when I pick out a brisket.
I sure would like to find a place where I can get a Choice 10-14 pounder. Cash and Carry stocks choice, but they are all 17 pounds or higher. Wal-Mart has 10-14 pound packers but they are Select. I have never tried one of them.

Thanks for all the input brothers. I am happy with the way the Brisket turned out. I was just surprised it took that long to cook. Thanks again everyone.
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