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Any good fuel that's used is clean when it has enough air to burn. Most stick burners choke down their fires to maintain temps., which leaves an unclean burn. That's one of main reasons I make smokers is to show how fast that process can be utilized. Less than five minutes after loading lit chimney, clean smoky air over 200 degrees.Product on, no waiting because of clean burn. I too am of the 140 degree thought. The easiest way for me to relay is when you have the color and look, it's time for wrapping, panning or some other way to limit further smoke from sooting things up. I use much less wood and still get a hint of smoke which is what I want. Not belching that fireplace chimney taste from food that's soaked up way too much of an unclean fire. Just a little goes a long way. Another thought is how you place your wood if you're using it with charcoal. Steve.
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