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Default Brinkmann Gourmet Smoker

Hi all, new guy here from Alberta Canada looking at enjoying some goooood BBQ.
I have cruised this site and found a vast amount of information..hopefully I can add to that as time goes on and I learn the tricks of the trade.
I have worked in Texas a fair bit and come to find that up here for the most part we don't spend enough time to BBQ properly.
I am aiming to fix that around my place.
Up until now I have experimented with small stuff (fish and pepperoni) in my Little Chief electric and briskets and ribs on my Weber gas grill with a small smoke box laying on the flavour bars and using one burner to keep her at the 225 mark..neither work well and are hard to get to smoke properly and hold heat.
I am looking at the Brinkmann Smokin Grill Charcoal smoker for my first kick at charcoal smokin (planning on doing the mods) and find that there is also a "Gourmet" version.
Could anyone explain to me the difference as I can't seem to find any info on the internet. One is about $50 and the other is about $80
Thanks for reading this drawn out note and look forward to any help.
Cheers and heres to goooood bbq...
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