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Default H&F Brisket not so fast! Pr0n

Im not sure what happened , but Hot and Fast wasnt really fast on this cook. Bludawg and other fellow bretherans inspired me to try my first hot and fast brisket. I have done a lot of briskets but never one hot and fast. My usual brisket takes right around 14 hours to cook at 240 degrees but in the spirit of time these days I wanted to try and cut down my time and still get a good brisket cooked. This is what I did.
I decided to use a simple rub of 50/50 K. salt and ground black pepper. Lemmon pepper and Granulated garlic and granulated Onion. I trimmed the 17 pound full CAB packer and applied the rub. I pre-heated my Rec-Tec to 300 degrees and put the brisket on at 7:30 am. At 6:30 PM it finally probed tender and I pulled it to rest. The bark and flavor of this brisket was excellent. It actually turned out very nice. It was a little dry in some areas of the flat because we were so hungry by the time it got done, I only let it rest 45 minutes before we ate, but a quick dunk in au-jus sauce cured that.

What do you guys think happened? I was expecting it to be finished at around the 7 hour mark cooking at 300 but this brisket just would not give up the ghost. My temp ranged only 2-3 degrees of 300 throughout the entire cook. My et-732 proved that. I also used my thermapen to double check the internal temp.
So did I just have a stubborn brisket or was there something I did wrong? Let me have it brothers.

IT 170 and ready for Butcher Paper wrap.
brisket h&f 001.jpg
Probed like butter ready for the knife
brisket h&f 004.jpg
After slicing.
brisket h&f 007.jpg
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