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Originally Posted by Faston View Post
Well I took the plunge and bought an Old Country Brazos offset. I was going to coat the entire inside and outside with canola oil and burn it out to season it. Worked nicely on my last smoker...

But before I do this I noticed that some people were buying hi-temp spray paint and spraying right over new paint to add further protection. Is this really worth the $$ and effort? I noticed that some of the spray can paint jobs did not look so good as compared to the original paint. There is a corrosive sea breeze where I live to make matters worse but I will keep this unit covered.

Also, this is a heavy unit and I struggle to lift the chamber end to roll it on the back wheels. Anyone have any slick solutions such as adding a couple of wheels?

Do you really think that spraying a coat 1/100 of a millimeter thick on something that gets so hot that you can't touch it.......will protect it further?

The only thing it does is make it look bad and peel.

Old country should have welded the handle lower for more leverage, and added wheels like some other smokers. It looks like you could burn you hand on the stack when moving.

Why is the shelf not level?? It slopes to the right.

Nice smoker. Is should be air tight and the best quality for 1000.

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