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Thanks everyone!

The pit in the middle is a Peoria Cookers Meat Monster. We cater so it fits the bill perfectly. Has 3 cooking levels. Can do a whole hog or grill 80 steaks. Can also keep the upper level and lower level at different temps which is great for comps or catering. Has 2 stacks on it (upper/lower) so you can cook on the upper level at 225-250 and keep things warm in the lower level at 160-170. Whole pit is fully insulated including the lid.
We use the Stump's and the Lang for comps now but in the future we will be just using the meat monster for comps.

BTW, I had to sell most of my "man toys" to get the wife's approval to buy these! I really believe if I get one more it will push her over the edge
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