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Originally Posted by treytexag View Post
Yep, I looked at it wondering do I tweak the ball valve or tweak the inlet on the Viper? In both cases, it would be done "blind" if you will - I did not pull anything to "see" the position of the ball valve (wouldn't have for the Viper gate valve either).

I was sorta' concerned about repeatability, moving the ball valve handle around. In the end, I only moved it twice, and the Viper and BBQ Guru did the rest. I hope it is equally as easy when I do my first briskets on it next weekend.
Cool, whatever works is whatever works, gurus are freakin awesome for sure. The fuller the pit gets, the more natural draft you will need to give the pit though. When Cookin dry on the vault, completely loaded up 275 is my max temp, and as you start removing done food from the cooker, gotta start dampening it back down or you'll have 400 right fast! All insulated verticals rock! What else on earth could cook 5-10 briskets on 10 lbs of charcoal and a few chunks of wood.
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