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Default the wife wants ribs....

Originally Posted by Mahoney86 View Post
Looking good. Must say ribs are my favorite thing to have on the cooker. Don't know why so many are scared to cook them. Cant wait to see your finished product
I think it's because every smoker is going to cook them a bit differently.

When I first started smoking ribs I was going by directions of different types of smokers then mine.

Never doing ribs before I was not sure what to look for and was destroying more racks of ribs then I was getting right.

It was not intel I figured out how to tell when they were done and not go by someone else's time and temp, foil or not to foil, etc.

I use a 50 year kamado.
It smokes ribs much more different then smokers made today, so I had to learn my own smoker.

I was very frustrated when I first started smoking ribs and it took me all summer to figure it out.

That old kamado is not for sale!!!
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