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The bacon sat in the fridge for a couple days so it was time to slice. We needed bacon that evening for dinner so I sliced off about 10 pieces with my trusty knife and my wife says "why don't we borrow your dad's slicer, it'll be quicker". Once again she was right. It's not fancy and it's older than me but it sure worked quickly. It look longer to get the bacon semi frozen than it took to slice it.

Here's an action shot. Now that I see the picture maybe I'm a bit close to the blade Maybe this piece should have been chopped up for pieces.

Here is some of the sliced bacon ready to be packaged. You can ignore the safety guard stuff for the slicer in this pic

We got a vacuum sealer earlier in this day. I mainly justify the cost of it to save the ham that I am also working on, but it is also perfect for the bacon. There were some lessons learned for the bacon though. The main thing was to make sure the length of the bacon will fit nicely in the bag before slicing. It is very easy to trim an inch off the bacon slab before it is all sliced. Also make sure you have enough bags or rolls. The vacuum thing came with a 10ft roll of stuff. That sounds like a lot but I guess it will only work for less than 8 lbs of bacon the way we were packaging them. We had to stop slicing because we were out of vacuum stuff. I ordered a bunch of discounted bags and rolls from an online retailer that I found from another site. They should be here later in the week and I will get some more pics and I'll get some pics of the vacuum sealing too.
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