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Default First Pork Butt on Big Green Egg

Hi. I'm a new Big Green Egg owner and am also new to BBQ-Brethren. I've been using my BGE on a trial and error basis for the past two weeks. I've overcooked some stuff (a few steaks/chops, a brisket that turned out really good but slightly dry) and I've made some awesome dishes as well (ribs, smoked chicken, a bbq chicken pizza). I'm doing my first pork butt this Saturday, and need some advice.

First off, the butt is about 8.5 pounds and I'm planning on entertaining 12-15 people. Should I smoke two or will one do? Next--should I baste/mop/spray at any point during the cook? A lot of the videos I've seen and blogs I've read recommend not opening the Egg until its time to start checking internal temp (hours and hours). However, on shows like "BBQ PitMasters", cooks periodically baste/mop/spray the butt. What do you all recommend?

My last question (for now) involves prep. Should I brine the meat or not? I plan to use my own rub, coat with yellow mustard, and sprinkle with turbinado sugar. I also figured I'd inject with a "Texas Butter" marinade by Stubbs. I used this stuff to baste the ribs I cooked earlier this week halfway through the cook and it was great. Based on what I'm planning to do as far as rub and injection is concerned, is there a need to brine?

Sorry for the very lengthy inaugural post. I promise I won't always be this "long-winded"! Cheers!
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