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Talking Need help with oil tank smoker build

Hi guys, I just joined the Brethren and am hoping to get some help with building a kick a** smoker from a standard 200 gallon oil tank. I'm trying to increase capacity to be able to entertain large crowds.

So I've brought the oil tank. I attached two pictures. The form is in good shape but the whole thing is covered in rust (inside and out). I have a design and bought a new Bosch jigsaw with a bunch of metal cutting blades and am ready to dive in. Here are a list of questions I would love to hear opinions on, but really any advice with this build is appreciated as this is the first smoker I'm making.

1. What is the general process? As an example of what I'm talking about, this is my plan as of now: make major cuts, burn all nasty stuff out with long extremely hot fire, clean off rust, do the build, paint, season with long hot smoke.

2. Exactly how and when do you guys deal with the rust?

3. I've only ever seen welded smokers. I thought about it and I don't have the money and/or time (I have a 1 month old infant!) to get into welding as I know nothing about it. I also don't want to have someone else do it for me. So I was planning on doing everything with bolts and nuts. Sure it'll be a bit more tedious, but is there any reason why this wouldn't work?

Ok, thanks ahead of time for any responses. I'll certainly take tons of pictures and keep everyone here in the loop!
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