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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Finally, one more thought, to beat this horse tender.

The ONLY way you are going to finish it in the oven with halfway decent results is with foil.

Why is that exactly?

Because the foil makes it a MOIST HEAT ENVIRONMENT.

Now then, you have a Crock Pot, right? It makes a moist heat environment without the hassles of foil, leaks, and all that BS. Would you put meat in your Crock Pot and put your Crock Pot in the Oven?


Because that would be farking STUPID wouldn't it?

So, you can foil and cook in the oven, making a rather poor Crock Pot simulator, or just use your farking Crock Pot.

It's your call. Some people just like making things really farking complicated for some reason.

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