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Originally Posted by samfsu View Post
Ive done a few of these. Are u going to use instacure#1 or tenderquick? I have only used instacure. I would say a day of cure per 2 lbs of meat, maybe a little longer. I would also suggest injecting the ham especially if it will be bone in. Below is my recipe if you are interested.

The cure for an 18lb:
2.5 cups kosher salt
4 cups brown sugar
2 Tbls peppercorns
1 Tbls cinnamon
1 Tbls cloves
3 bay leaves
Cured for 10 days. Cold water rinse for 1 day.
2 ounces of instacure #1 (pink salt)

I used a 5 gallon food grade bucket from a bbq joint and put it in my fridge.

Pic of the ham can be found in this thread:
This is kind of what I was thinking, but ya got me worried that I dont have enough time between now and Easter (pick up from the butcher Weds morning).

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