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Originally Posted by GMDGeek View Post
Dude - you just gave me SMOKE WOOD! Awesomeness. Just got a new freeze / fridge for the garage that I get to dedicate to Smoke. Once my new pit arrives on the 10th of May I have a feeling I'll be doing a few big cooks and getting stocked up on some pre-cooked / vacuum sealed goodness.

Having never cooked and then vacuumed sealed meat for longer than 6 weeks or so (some reason my BBQ gets eatin quickly) about how long are you able t keep yours? Anything special you do to your freezer?
I just recently found a bag of PP that was around a year old tucked away behind some other stuff and it reheated just fine. Usually the stuff never lasts that long. I don't do anything special to the freezer except stuff it full.

I do need to defrost mine soon. The ice build up is starting to creep in on my storage space yo!
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