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Originally Posted by blues_n_cues View Post
there are 2 sides to the coin.
while I am one of the most vocal opponents of extremist groups like PETA,I'm also against the "coorporate" farms. I live in the middle of farm country too & it's sick to see what is ending up on our plates & in our case here-our milk.I've personally seen a cow in a sling taken to the milking machine or the slaughter house truck when it can't walk on it's own because if production is not met the truck stops coming.
if the farmer has nothing to hide why does he need protection.

remember,most our ungraded or ground beef now comes from retired dairy cows.
For one, and I think I represent the vast majority of producers, I'm not the least bit threatened or resistant to inspection or peer review by a qualified professional, state or federal agency or even an impartial layman - I routinely host all the above (usually providing a BBQ when they visit I might add). In my experience I always learn more and improve my operation from this kind of interaction, but I'll be damned if I'll extend the same courtesy to one of these agenda driven "groups" or the "media" that have no concept of what it takes to run a cattle ranch and the day-to-day decisions on everything from feeding to breeding to animal health to farm safety.
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