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I am actually please at the progression of our forum members.... back when we had 300 members with 30 strong ones...those that were here all the time... of someone came in and asked this they would sort of get flogged.

I am glad we have gotten to the point where reality is stronger than ego. The poster above that says, after they are wrapped (assuming you have gotten enough smoke and color) heat is heat.. well that is right on!!

For competitors this is of course not the way to go because the competition rules says so... and frankly they always should because that is what the competition is done to find out...who can run their pits the best. Plus there are still 26 things that can go wrong to the meat after it got its ring on...

I had some guy visit me and watch me smoke for my church... we did butts and it rained. After 8 hours smoking 67 butts at a temp of 180---200... well it was dark.... I looked at him and said this. "Buddy the end product and its screw up free presentation is all that matters and we are not competing... so... into the warmer they go with parts going in our church ovens for 3 hours to get tender in shifts.... I ain't running this pit all night.

The next morning we were all set and rested. No one knew we did the last part in the ovens.

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