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Default Meat loaf

We are supposed to be in for a real snot storm starting tomorrow so put a meat loaf on the uds today. I used oak and hickory over kingsford and let it burn down after I put it on with a pan to catch drippings it started belching out thick white smoke, not black just white. My wood is a year old so I don't think that is a problem. I wonder if the barometric pressure due the pending storm may have caused it. Anyway I was afraid it was going to get to much smoke and my wife would not eat it, so after less than a half hour I put it in the oven. It had a real nice color and I am sure it picked up some smoke. I just can't remember having such a problem and usually I prefer green wood.

I have never checked a meat loafs internal temp before and have not had any problems, but thought I would check this one out. Is 160 ish, about right for an internal temp?
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