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Default Sunday was a big BBQ day w/pics

Last Sunday we had a celebration for our extended family & friends. My oldest son (Kyle) graduates from UF College of Veterinary Medicine with his DVM in May and will practice in large animal medicine (he already has a great job locally). Then we just heard his girlfriend (Amanda) has been accepted to the UF College of Veterinary Medicine School, class of 2017. So, we and Amanda's parents decided to host a celebration BBQ and I got volunteered to cook.

Started the fire at 5:30 and put 3@15#briskets down at 6:00 with the plan of cooking at 300* for 4 hours, wrapping in BP for a couple hours and holding at +150* until dinner. Here are the briskets going in (that's heavy fog, not smoke).

And here they are at 10:00 (4 hours) and coming out for the BP wrap then back in until noon (moved them to the lower rack at 2 hours in to get a little better circulation).

At 11:45-12:00 they were all probing tender and had the "wiggle" so they came out to hold until dinner. In go 18 racks of spares, trimmed St Louis style. Here are the ribs after a while on the smoke.

Ribs stayed in until 3:00 by themselves then I crowded them onto the top rack by double stacking and put down 60 chicken quarters. Everything done at 4:30 and time to serve & eat. Here are a couple shots of Kyle carving (carved the flat & pulled/cubed the point) and the final service.

Everything was great! Interesting side note, we had 3@15# briskets from the same case, trimmed the same way, just seasoned with S&P and cooked on exactly the same schedule. One was good just a touch dry but still tender; one was better than good moist & tender and the last one was over the top and the best damn brisket I've ever cooked.

And now, the rest of the story.

Dinner was great, everyone very complimentary of the meat and all the sides. Then came desert. Kyle and Amanda's brother disappeared and came back with a huge sheet cake and asked Amanda for help cutting and serving. She lifted off the top of the box and there on the top of the cake was a big "Will You Marry Me". Kyle had worked around behind her and was on one knee with the ring. Lots of squealing and screaming and a very resounding YES! We (Kyle's mom & me) and Amanda's parents (he had asked permission the old fashioned way) and Kyle were the only ones that knew in advance.


Correction: I've been informed that apparently everybody but Amanda knew it was comin. Oh well, I'm just the dad, last to know anything.
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