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Originally Posted by fantomlord View Post
Thanks for the input, Phu. I sorta figured that the briqs were the key.
I prefer lump to any of the briqs I've found here. I don't normally use my WGA for anything except grilling...for long cooks/smokes, I fire up the WSM.
It looks like you use a fairly small amount of lit long does it normally take to warm up before it's ready to cook on?

No problem!

Yeah...I know what you mean,I just like the challenge to use the WGA as a smoker and put as large as possible cuts of meats on there.

Don't know what temp the WGA is when I put the meat on.
When the hot coals are in the WGA I wait for about 5-10 minutes (lid closed),scrape the grate and put the meat on with the smokewood.
This is a tiny cooker so it will heat up quickly.

With this cook I put the porkbelly on right aPhter I put the 5 hot coals in...I guess for the Phirst 30 min. the belly got cold smoked.

I think I still need to make a WGA tutorial like Brethren have mentioned bePhore...especially with the increase of US Brethren buying a WGA.
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