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Originally Posted by jmoney7269 View Post
One fine lookin pit and food. Jumped over here from your other post. I noticed you had your ball valve closed and the guru 100% open, have you tried it the other way? Whatever works for you, do it for sure. What I have noticed with these verticals Cookin dry is that they need 25% intake on small cooks so I just slide the damper down on the guru rather than takin it off to look at the ball valve, guess I'm just anal like that.

Yep, I looked at it wondering do I tweak the ball valve or tweak the inlet on the Viper? In both cases, it would be done "blind" if you will - I did not pull anything to "see" the position of the ball valve (wouldn't have for the Viper gate valve either).

I was sorta' concerned about repeatability, moving the ball valve handle around. In the end, I only moved it twice, and the Viper and BBQ Guru did the rest. I hope it is equally as easy when I do my first briskets on it next weekend.
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