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Originally Posted by Goyo626 View Post
Great advice I will definately take your advice. How should I test ? Tasting the rub directly or cooking some pieces of pork on the stove?

Seriously though, the most reasonable thing to start with is by tasting it directly until you are happy. Some ingredients are known to fare better than others during cooking. I'll try and get you a link to some of that info that I logged in that department in case it helps. However, if you are only using ingredients that fare well while cooking, then the final flavor might not be the same, but should not be a big shock either and pretty much match about what you were expecting.

In case it helps, here's a rub I developed that I still love today. It was desgined to be balanced all around. No one flavor jumps out. A lot of folks have commented that it makes the food taste better, as opposed to just making it taste like food with a good rub on it (if that makes sense). I'm sure some out there hate it though, and many say they can't find the exact ingredients...which if you use a substitute I have no way to tell you if things will still be properly balanced.

I'll be back with soem ingredient info...
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