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Originally Posted by bigabyte View Post
Start working towards your balance of the 5 basic flavors first. For example, start with getting a ratio of sweet to salty that you like. Then add in another flavor a little bit at a time, be it paprika, onion or garlic, adjusting all flavors as needed until you find the balance you want with that new ingredient. Repeat, one ingredient at a time. Be prepared to start over many times as things get out of whack. Start with small measurements to make this tossing out of batches easier on your mind and wallet. Get some measuring spoons with a 1/8 tsp to help out in this regard. Keep very close track of each measurement and what it took to achieve your balance. You'll get what you are looking for after a while.

One thing you might want to be mindful of, is that even though you aren't looking for sweet, that doesn't mean it shouldn't be there but in the background more than the foreground.
By basic flavors you mean salty savory spicy sweet smokey? How do I test each iteration of the rub?

@bludawg thanks for the recipes.
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