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Default Helluva good night! Beer, halo4 and steak&eggs! Pron

So after havin a few beers and merkin on some bad kids in Halo4, decided to fire up the smokey joe, hadn't had a BBQ'd sirloin in a while so This is how it went. Filled it with wicked good, fired it with the super turbo harbor freight $25 weed burner and was grillin 5 min later. I'm now ready to call it a night. This was a kings meal here boy!
Kickin the afternoon off in the man cave, finished up some cabinetry work, leveled em, screwed em to the wall, and installed some handles and plumbing. It's coming along nicely from a old dairy camphouse.

Now that the wifey is pleased with the progress, it's halo time!

Wifey is hungry, halo time is over!

Eatin on the fine china tonight boy! J/k 2.12 lbs

Steak and eggs, good anytime of the day and any day of the week

Mine was perfect, had to cook hers a little more

How do you clean up a plate of steak and eggs? Like any Texican, with a handmade southwest tortilla! Lol man it was tasty.

Hope y'all enjoy
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