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Originally Posted by Terry The Toad View Post
Florida maple, to be specific.

I smoked a 7.3 pound butt last Saturday. It was in the smoke at 250 for 9 hours (yeah, it was being a little stubborn.)

It turned out okay, but really did not taste smoky at all. The only thing I can think of that might have been different is that I may have used a lot of maple.

I say "may have" because I have a stack of mixed wood (oak, hickory, and maple) - so I did not pay that much attention to which one I threw in over the course of the 9 hours.

So, is that a possible explanation... too much maple? (For the record - that maple really smells good when it's burning!)
If you are near the smoker when cooking you become bombarded with sensory perceptions from the smoke. In the end you and your clothes smell like smoke and your taste buds do not sense the smoke flavor because as you inhale, you taste smoke and they become indifferent to any other taste of smoke. If you eat the pork the next day I bet you will taste the smoke then.
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