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Originally Posted by SmokinJohn View Post
Oh, Grand Moinker!

Is there a deadline for submission? I may have to run to the store to make some tonight!

And, at the risk of being drummed out of moinkballerdom, since cheese is a by-product of a cow (beef), might I submit beefy cheesy moinkballs?
There is no deadline. Not at this time.

As for the cheese, I would suggest making a few WITHOUT cheese to be certified as true MOINK. That way you can also have plenty of cheese filled ones for you to enjoy. True MOINK require only 100% beef for the meatball (you can add seasonings though, but cheese is not a seasoning).

Originally Posted by BBQ Bacon View Post
Hmmm. Seems like cheating if you have to buy store bought meatballs!
Actually, the ORIGINAL MOINK Balls were created with store bought meatballs, and in fact using store bought used to be the requirement to get MOINK certified. However, such store bought meatballs are not available in all countries and one user (NOSKOS) asked if an exception could be made to allow homemade meatballs since that was the ONLY way he could get beef meatballs in his country. Thus the NOSKOS rule was born, and ever since homemade meatballs are allowed as Certfid MOINK.

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