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I'll give it a whirl. Been cooking with coconut oil a lot just not in CI. Looking for more ways of getting in in the diet.

Yeah, I'm not so strict that I'd worry about using peanut oil for seasoning grates or a pan or whatever, but trying to help the better half in eliminating food allergies so avoiding it, at least for the time being. Haven't read about flax either way, but I'm just a newbie. I'm practicing more of what you'd call "practical paleo". I stick by the rules as much as possible but when I'm out at a restaurant or etc. I tend to just stick with lean meats and veggies instead of quiz the server about how much X or Y there is in stuff. I think the benefits I've seen mostly come from far fewer carbs and increased veggies, plus avoiding processed stuff. Working well so far and feel great!

Next weekend I plan to do racks of beef ribs with paleo-friendly rub and sauce. I can post pron and recipe if any are interested.
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