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Default WSM 18" - First Chicken Smoke Help

I plan to smoke my first chickens this weekend. I will smoke 2 birds and will not spatchcock for my first time. I have done a good bit of reading here and there is a lot of different methods. Like anything, I know just need to try and learn but thought I would ask a few questions.

I want to brine but need a good basic recipe and for how long to brine (minimum\maximum). Any brine recipe suggestions are appreciated.

I will smoke at high heat (325-350*) to hopefully get crispy skin. I will be using Minion Method with lump and a few apple chunks until breast temp is approx 160*.

I plan to use "Bone Suckin" rub this time with a little butter under the skin.


-How long should I plan the smoke for?

-Should I place both birds on the top rack (if they fit)? I would not want the top bird dripping and possibly contaminating the bottom bird (maybe this is not a concern?). Also, I want birds to cook even and bottom bird would cook hotter (I assume?).

-What vents should I open to get to the desired temp?

Anything else I am forgetting?

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