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I'm new to this, but I've recently done a few brisket flats. I slather it with mustard and a dry rub and let it sit overnight. I then inject with beef broth right before putting it on the smoker. I place it fat cap down, then foil at about 150ish (the stall) with some lager beer, and cook it to 200 or so. I then rest it at least 2 hours foiled in a prewarmed cooler with warm towels. The one I did this weekend was rested for 6 hours and was still 160 degrees. How long did you rest yours? From what I've read, the resting is very important. I will say, though, each time I've taken it out of the foil, it sure seems rubbery and I think I'm gonna have to have a backup plan for dinner, but then I cut it and taste it and it's moist and tender. I've been fooled, as well.
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