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Default Question about Butcher Paper and Brisket

So I used Butcher Paper for the first time on my cook yesterday and had an issue with the liquid in the paper making it soggy and it tore. Then I lost most of the juice out of it.
I know that butcher paper is "steaming" the brisket like foil, but I do like the au jus when serving. Did I just not wrap it enough or do you just end up with soggy bottom of the paper?
When I viewed A. Franklin's video I didn't see all the liquid on the outside of the paper like it soaked through it.
I did like the texture of the bark better than foil.
I'll have to get use to how to check for doneness as poking through the paper wasn't ideal and you couldn't get a good feeling on tenderness until I unwrapped it. But that is a process in which I hope I don't have to do each time and going through the paper will just come with practice. I don't know if I'll ever do enough briskets in my lifetime to be able to feel it through the paper like Franklin to know when it is done.
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