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Default Another brisket questions

Hey guys,

I smoked my first brisket this past Saturday and was curious about a few things and was wondering if these things are normal in smoking brisket.

I smoked a 5 lb flat. When I cut into it, it looked dry. Very dry. And it looked tough. But, when the buddies and I ate it, it was surprisingly soft and had some juice, although I was hoping for more juiciness.

Is brisket supposed to look and be like this? Deceptively soft and juicy by the appearance of looking dry and hard? Maybe I just haven't had good brisket before? This could be the case too. You don't know what's better until you've had a variety....that's how I ended up with my wife. Haha. By the way, I did foil at approx. 160 and kept it until 190.

On a side note, I did cut the flat in half and tried one half fat-side up and the other half fat-side down. I couldn't tell a difference really. Though, I think I like the fat-side down one better. For fat-side up, people who are scared of a little fat will have to trim that little bit of fat off too and after you do that, well, there is no bark at all. It is juicier to a small degree, but that's because you're getting the fat itself and not necessarily that the fat actually rendered and made it's way down into the meat....just my thoughts. I'm not a veteran of BBQ.

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