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Default Phubar's Red Roast Porkbelly Pron

I've set a new personal record...7 hour smoked porkbelly on the WGA with 28 briqs without rePhilling.
I wanted to go for a 6 hour smoke but since there was enough heat lePht I went for 7 hours.....just because I can!
Previous record were ribs in a 5 hour smoke last year in Portugal.

Yesterday I smoked the other halPh of the porkbelly I scored recently...other halPh was made last Phriday:

Porkbelly was marinated in Faja Lobi Red Roast marinade for 2 hours...rubbed with a bit of course seasalt,cracked black and Chinese 5-spice.
The lePhtover marinade was used for mopping/glazing.

For sides Japanese rice cooked with bayleaf.
Made a sauce out of sesame seeds Phried in peanut oil,garlic,red Spanish pepper,scallion,smoked bimi,smoked pak soi,smoked shiitake,rice vinigar,sake,oyster sauce,sesame oil,salt,pepper.

Lined up the WGA with 23 cold Ecobrasa cocos briqs and added 5 hot coals...smokingwood was pear twigs.

When I was done smoking I had about 2 briqs lePht.

-WGA (3)
-UDS (S,M,L)

All fueled by Ecobrasa Coco Briquettes

*Lowland Smokers Dutch BBQ Champion 2011 - 2012*
*Lowland Smokers Dutch BBQ Champion 2013 Low 'n Slow
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