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What I do is....

Ingredients :
Pork Loin Roast
Supracure (Ready mixed cure and salt)

What I Do :
Untie, rinse and dry the pork loin.
Weigh the pork loin.
Weigh the cure at a rate of 5% cure to meat (1kg meat = 50g cure).
Sprinkle on ~a third of the cure onto the meat, ensuring it's well covered and all nooks and crannies are covered.
Place meat in a tupperware and put in the fridge overnight.
Next day remove from the fridge and drain off any liquid and sprinkle with more cure, put back in the fridge.
Repeat the last step until all the cure has been used up.
Leave to cure for a minimum of 7 days - this is just my preference, the rule of thumb is two days of cure per inch.
During this time just check on the meat, drain off any liquid (it's become more and more less as the week time goes on) - there should be no 'off' smell to the meat.
Once cured, soak overnight in cold water, changing the water a couple of times.

You've now got bacon, well done, have a beer!

I then cold smoke it for 5 days.

Leave to rest (wrapped in baking paper and clingfilm or tinfoil) in the fridge overnight and then slice.

Here's some pics of the sliced results...Have fun!
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