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10 lb? I've seen bags that are closer to 40-50 lbs. You usually have several choices. Oak, hickory, pecan, and mesquite. Mix and match and let the experiments begin.

Originally Posted by capnamerca
I *know* that this topic has been discussed here. I promise that I searched the forums before I ask this - I found some peripheral discussions, but nothing directly on point. So here I ask again.

I'm attempting to move from charcoal to real wood for the fuel in my smoker. Academy is selling 10-lb bags of wood for a pretty decent price. However, most of the pieces have most of the bark left on them. I've heard that bark produces a "bitter' taste in 'Q, but other threads on here have minimized the input on bark on the overall flavor. The goal is to burn a mild wood, like oak, for heat, and use another wood for flavor - the current fav is Pecan, but I also really want to try apple.

So, can someone educate me on the effects of bark on heat, fire, and flavor?

Side question - I used aluminum bands to strengthen my firegrate. Any worries with aluminum?

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