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Here is the basic recipe that I have used (provided to me from one of my favorite in-laws) for a 5 lb slab of pork belly:

5 lbs Pork Belly

14g Instacure #1

80g Kosher Salt

80g Dark Brown Sugar

80g Vermont Maple Syrup

This was a 6.25 lb pork belly - so I did a little math to figure out how much to increase each ingredient by.

After rubbing the belly - I put it in a mega sized ziplock bag. The kids were more than happy to fight over who got to flip the bacon each day. May I also recommend to put the ziplock bag inside of a cookie sheet just in case there is salt or sugar stuck in the track of the bag allowing the seal to break overnight making a huge mess in the fridge to clean up (from what I have heard.........)

This pic was after 6 days of getting happy happy happy in the fridge.

Then go outside and prepare your Green & Gold UDS for 175F - 200F smoking. I smoked with Apple chunks and chunks of Jack Daniels barrels. Talk about a heavenly smelling smoke........

And because I am paranoid - I added an aluminum pan to catch any dripping fat. Since the cooking temp was so low - there was very little dripping fat - but I figure better safe than sorry.

Hang out and wait while the smoke does its job. For this 6+ lb slab of pork, I think that the cooking time was almost 4 hours to reach 150F internal temp.

At 150F - take the pork out and promptly take pictures.

Slice, cook, and enjoy.

My first batch of bacon I found to be a bit too salty and often scorched when frying in the pan. So what I did was wash off the bacon after curing, and let it sit in the cookie sheet of water for about 10-15 minutes per side. Then I would let the soon to be bacon sit in the fridge uncovered overnight to dry off.
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