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Originally Posted by Smokin' D View Post
Never did a whole hog either, but here is what I did for a guys family reunion. He originally wanted a whole pig but did not want the messy leftovers and carcass. I suggested we do a whole bone-in pork loin which consists of the tender loin, loin, chops and a rack of ribs. I'm no butcher, so probably have the names wrong. Did some beef ribs too. The loin I cooked to internal temp of 145 and it was a great hit. Simply put it on the table and sliced and pulled off chunks Medieval style.

Here is an older thread of the very first one I did on the drum.

I think if you do one of these along with a butt or two or four, everyone will be happy and it will be a nice relaxing day for you too.

I really like that idea, it looks good.I will be butchering the hog myself anyway for whatever i do so getting it cut how I want it wont be a problem.I could even go with half a small hog and still have room for a few butts alongside it
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