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I made about 18 lbs here a month ago.The simplest recipe I have used is 1 tablespoon mortons tenderquick and 2 tablespoons brown sugar per pound of meat, you can add pepper, garlic, maple syrup to it to fit your tastes.I added about 2 tablespoons garlic per 5 lbs rubbed it down with maple syrup and lightly dusted it with black pepper.Make sure its evenly coated and vacuum seal it, put it in the fridge for 10 to 14 days turning it daily.

when its time to come out rinse it off and put it on a rack in the fridge to dry overnight, it should get a glazed look on the surface of it.Smoke it at around 175-200 untill you get an internal temp around 150, take it out, let it cool slice and enjoy.

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