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Default "Chuck Mock Tender" - Roast Beef

A little while back, while at RD, I saw a cryovac of "chuck mock tender"........didn't really know what the fark they were exactly, but figured since it was beef and had chuck in the name that I could figure out a use even if I just ground the damn things up for burger. Been working my way through them trying them as everything from jerky to stew meat and decided the next one would be roast beef.

This one was just over 3 lbs before trimming it up. I hit it with a mix of worcestershire and olive oil and then a simple rub of k. salt, black pepper, granulated garlic, crushed rosemary, and thyme.

Put it into the smoker at 300 with peach and cherry wood for the smoke. Over shot my target temp a bit, but caught it around 140 and pulled it out for a rest and cool down.

Let it coool down for a bit on its own and then put it in the fridge to firm up for its date with the slicer.

Had a very good flavor and the plan was just to have a cold roast beef sandwich.............then my wife said, "that would be good heated up with some onions and cheese". She didn't have to say it twice.

Turned out to be a pretty good use for this cheap cut of beef. Got the cold sammy today for lunch..........and I know it won't measure up to this.

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