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Originally Posted by Mo-Dave View Post
A serious question for a serious video. I did not notice any gauges or digital devices being use, so did you have any idea what the temp was running inside the drum....Would you hazard a guess at the temp?

Yes... I bet it was 300. My weep and ribs are done close to the time they got done in the PBC... a little sooner. Maybe 30 minutes to 45... so I'd say 300. That being said the pit was adjusted CLOSE to what they recommend but not all the way. 1/4 open actually is the flap hanging down.

And were you ok with that, even though they came out looking very good, in less time then expected?

Oh hell yeah... what the hell ever... it was no problem. They could have used maybe a nice little 200 degree kiss for an hour or so in the beginning

One other question it seemed you had the lid off for a long time once in awhile and I wonder if it ever started flaring up?

No, not really... but I did not have the lid off for too long though. I could see chicken being a prob if you don't act quick though.

The dad gum wood I threw on at the beginning of the smoke..... u may be able to see it.... I was not even discolored.

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