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Originally Posted by willbird View Post
Ok I'll ask a questionor two,when you take hold of the dough after it has set the 2-3 hours, you say to roll it into a ball, does this compress it like we would do when we " punch down" dough ?I just pulled it from the bowl and tried to work it out into a pie without compressing it in ny way, not sure if that was right or not.

Working with the dough will take practice :-).... Wife and I are working on eating small qty of very good pizza , not larger qty of mediocre pie :-).
Great idea!

Okay, I cut the dough in half and then just ball it gently so it is without a flat side.
I didn't compress it.
I do two ways, one is I stretch it by hand and then roll it thin.
The other is I just work it gently stretching into a shape.
I really dig rustic shapes, but that is a quirk, the important thing is, it is somehow fluffier and rises more when unrolled.
The theory is, this method of proving means the gluten has already done it's work so all it needs is shaping and you are good to go.
No further working is required.
I'm still playing with this recipe too, and cannot wait till next time.
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