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Originally Posted by willbird View Post
OK I ate lunch here today :-) had 1/2 carne and 1/2 funghi.

Got four kilo bags of 00 flour from them :-). Do you think the dough recipe you posted will work if it were halved to just make one pizza at a time ?? I also got some fortina cheese, some ****take, and oyster mushrooms.
Sorry I didn't get back to you in time Bill, but I was banned

Make the full batch, oil some plastic wrap and put the extra into it and bag it and freeze it!

Your pizza base from the tiny bit I could see looked like it was getting like bread inside, a good thing.
This base will withstand long cooking, some recipes like the white pizza cook as long as 30 minutes at 500f.
Try longer if it isn't where you want it to be!

Thanks for the feedback.
So often recipes given just disappear and you never hear a darned thing again.
(looks around for Guerry...)
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